Digital Decluttering

As much as I love simplicity, the one thing that keeps getting in the way of serenity is the digital clutter that litters my devices.

Whether that be my iPhone, iPad or iMac. Yes, I am part of the Apple tribe. As much as I don’t want to be locked in, I love their design aesthetic. How everything syncs seamlessly. How I can just plug it in, and it works.

In my frustration, I am removing any app or software that I don’t use every month. I will be exploring each project and what I use instead to create that calm, snoozing in a hammock on a lazy Summer day vibe. When I open my tech, I want the experience to be like entering a calm garden. Quiet and undistracted.


Batching is the secret to inbox peace. I'll write more on this at another time. Using Textexpander also greatly helps cut down on the amount of time spent in your inbox.


Descript is a transcriber and audio and video editor. It’s revolutionised how I edit podcasts. It does a lot more, but for podcasting, it’s all I need.

Transistor is a beautiful, easy podcasting host. No need to use another app to add your ID3 tags (if you need to ask me what those are, you don’t need to know).


Canva is an easy peasy graphic design programme for even the most artistically challenged. That’s me, by the way.


I’ve tried them all. Literally. I will not list the ones I have tried because it would be too long. IA Writer is just it. I'll write a complete article on why I love it and how I use it to organise my digital life. When it comes to minimalism, it doesn’t get much better than this. No subscription, just a single one-time payment and it’s yours, with free updates forever.

Book Publishing

Forget mucking around with a Word doc template that you’ve downloaded from KDP. Vellum does what it says. There isn’t a huge amount of design options, but if you mainly publish text and don’t require funky graphic layouts, then Vellum does it - beautifully.

Note: It only does the book interior. If you want book covers designed, either create them yourself using Canva or pay someone on Fiverr.


When it comes to accounts, I hate maths with vengeance. I suffer from dyscalculia and spreadsheets used to put the fear of god into me until I started using Mac For Numbers.

Social Media

Just don’t. Really. As a former drug addict, I know the bullshit rationalisations we come up with as to WHY we need a fix.

Social media is just a massive dopamine/endorphin fix. And like any decent drug, it will eventually fuck you up and destroy your life.

Go cold turkey. Remove it from your life. You do not need it. Pick up the phone to speak with real friends.

I only have social media accounts to advertise.

I have a Twitter account to keep up with experts in my field. Actually, that’s rubbish. I don’t. I follow cool people and never get involved in conversations. Talking on social media is the nemesis of sanity. It also deeply plugs you into the fallacy of FOMO (fear of missing out).


Most people just don’t care who listens to their conversations. So they reveal information about themselves they would never write on a postcard and send through Royal Mail.

Signal offers secure, private communications even Edward Snowden trusts.

Until all your chums have got the message and moved to Signal, you’re kinda stuck with the crappy Facebook-owned WhatsApp.

Web Design

This website is built using Kirby. It looks pretty nifty, if I do say so myself. I wish I had discovered Kirby before I built Eatweeds on WordPress.

I use the Minimalist Writer theme. It's developed by the wonderful Minimalissimo people.

And more specifically, coded by Manu Moreale. Yer gotta love what these folks are doing.

OK, if you have to use WordPress, here are my suggestions. You’ll need a theme. A really fast, mobile responsive theme. There’s only one kid on the block for that and that's Generate Press

Tom and his team and super-duper people. Their support is second to none. And although the theme is on an annual subscription, it’s so cheap that it is not worth mentioning. I mean, these fellows have to pay for ongoing development. Which I suppose is the argument for the subscription model. Hmmm, I need to think a bit deeper on that one.

Generate Blocks is another gift from Tom and Co. Forget outdated page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi etc.

No one on a mobile device will see all those fancy graphics, so it’s a complete waste of time to use them.

If you want a minimalist site, this thing will help you, but it’s not essential. The Generate Press theme is, however.

Video Production

The VN video editor is about as stripped down as it gets and works on all devices. I can pretty much run my entire digital publishing business from an iPad Mini since I discovered it.

Video Hosting

Vimeo are good. Yes, there are many other options, but I am not into penny-pinching. If you are, do your research. Penny-pinching = “I do not love myself enough to invest in myself.”