If Psychedelics Could Change The World

It feels like there's a massive psychedelic revival going on. It’s been happening for a number of years. Quietly. Underground.

Now it’s out and about, walking around in all its sparkly rainbow colours. Getting funded by the establishment. That should raise flags, but hey, if cash is involved who cares, right.

The research implies that people develop deep empathy for the Earth after they trip. It also suggests psychedelics can be helpful for those processing traumas and other mental health issues.

Blowing one’s mind is hardly new. In the 1960s more people took more acid (and other psychedelics) than at any time in history.

Okay, I don’t have the data, so that’s a pretty big assumption. But you get my point. A ton of folks were necking acid like it was candy.

This great consciousness shift and love revolution that was meant to happen, resulted in what? It appears to me that the world is in a far darker place since all the acid guzzling.

Maybe we could blame this darkness on everyone tripping out and seeking the light. That you want to seek transcendence and chase enlightenment, tells me you might be avoiding some uncomfortable issues buried deep in your bones. I certainly was.

A hundred or so trips later and today I get more insight and good vibes sitting under a flowering Lime tree. Breathing in the deep, heady nectar, than I ever did swallowing three microdots.

Nothing came out of it other than interesting experiences and a healthy drug addiction. Just to be clear, 10% of the population has a tendency to addiction. Just taking psychedelics doesn’t mean you’ll become an addict.

Yes, I ended up being taught deep insights by alien life forms in alternate universes about life, the universe and Barry the Cosmic Octopus.

Sadly, the bills never got paid and the insights turned out to be, well, really. fucking. crazy. And to top it off, all that psychonauting simply messed everyone I know up. Literally.

Twenty years later at a reunion, I once asked all my old acid head friends if the buzz had been worth it?

Every single one said the experiences had damaged them. So, if psychedelics are such a game-changer. Why is the world on the brink of ecocide?