Productivity Addicts

Do you know the story of the tortoise and the hare who decided to have a race?

The hare was very cocky thinking he would win because he was naturally fast.

Productivity addicts are like the hare. Rushing here there and everywhere, trying to fit as much into their day as possible.

Well I throw the gauntlet down and challenge this toxic way of living.

Productivity is the craze that is destroying lives.

The idea that to be a good human we must fill our days with as much action as possible is having consequences.

As the culture speeds up, the sane thing to do is slow down.

To cease micro managing your entire existence.

You are better than that. Worth more than that.

The productivity con trick is for those who lack self esteem.

For those who feel inadequate and insecure.

Be like tortoise, not like hare.

Hares (productivity addicts) often mock those who do not feel the need to rush around like headless chickens.

As the tortoise proved.

Slow and steady wins the race.

If every minute of everyday is filled with action. Where is spaciousness? Expansion into bliss? The serenity of slow?

Learn to plod your way to prosperity.

Enjoy the journey. The destination is not important.