Quitting Is Okay

It’s a tough one. First, you get all excited by a course, class or event. Then, buy into the buzz surrounding it, stump up the money, sharpen your pencil and get ready to go for it.

The first day turns up, and the teacher(s) don’t live up to the buzz you’ve been feeding on.

You rationalise the first day away and put it down to teething troubles, you being the problem, the stars not in alignment.

You wait for the next session—the third, maybe even the fourth.

Then begin to realise it has nothing to do with the stars or you.

The course, class or event sucks.

The culture tells you that you need to push on through to the end—a bit like starting a book and having to finish it even though you hate the damn thing.

Some perceived authority has told you to do that since you were a kid.

That is what ‘real’ readers do. That is what achievers do. They never quit.

You have a limited number of Summers left, and they are running out pretty fast. So something needs to give.

That something is to throw out the cultural script that says if you start something, you must finish it.

And take your life back.

Place it back under your dominion, not the cultures, which are simply the dictates of the ruling class at the end of the day.

Quit the class/course/event and go and do something more meaningful with your life.

Yes, you’ve blown a load of cash, wasted some emotional energy, and lost some time. So what.

In future, you might be more discerning in your choices.

How many Summers do you have left?

Are you going to squander them doing things you don’t want to do?