Water Soothes Cravings

Have you ever tried to quit a substance? Anything from coffee to crack? 

I have.

8 years ago I quit alcohol
7 years ago I quit hard drugs
6 years ago I quit over-the-counter opiates
5 years ago I quit cigarettes
4 days ago I quit vaping nicotine

... and today I feel fucking insane!

The unconscious, pavlovian, habituated human wants to eat his handoff.

How the hell did I get through a serious drug addiction without burning the planet down.

Because that's what this iddy-biddy withdrawal feels like. 

Torch everything and be done. 
Scorched earth syndrome all the way.
A nihilistic last leap into oblivion.

And then it's gone. 
The craving subsides. 
The moment of madness dissipates.

The addiction beast has a whole army of demons to tease you back to slow suicide.

What else is an addiction but a death wish?

It doesn't matter if you're trying to kill yourself with heroin or caffeine.

Addicts can't stop. Enough is never enough. 

From my own experience, I know that the thinking associated with cravings is the same regardless of the substance.

Only the intensity varies. But the pattern of thinking when craving is the same.

Here's a simple way to break the thinking pattern. To ease some of the pain of withdrawal.

Step 1: Put a bottle of spring water in the fridge

OK, it most likely doesn't need to be as swishy as spring water. Tap water will work. The point is to make sure it's icy cold.

Step 2: When a craving starts breaking, pour yourself a glass

Cravings are like waves breaking out at sea. Usually, you notice them before they're upon you.

When you do, hit the fridge, wrestle the cap off the bottle with your teeth and pour yourself a nice glass of ice-cold water.

Step 3: Sit, breathe, sip

Find somewhere comfy to sit // Relax down into your body and breathe // Now slowly sip the water // Pay attention to the experience as it washes around your mouth // Swish the cold water // Pay attention as the temperature moves from cold to warm // Swallow and sip again // Feel into the whole experience

How did it feel?
Did it help with the craving?

Although your head is most likely telling you cravings are going to last forever. 

The reality is, that they don't. 

It's your head playing games with you.

So use breathing and sipping cold water to ease you through the craving cycle.

And remember, this too will pass.