We Are All One, Until We Are Not

There is a lie going around in our culture. And one you might well have fallen for.

It's a meme and belief that in order to reconnect to nature, to wildness we must go on a vision quest. Head off into the wilderness. Disappear to the woods.

Although this is useful and sometimes preferable, the reality is that you can restore your connection to nature wherever you live.

For years I have challenged the established meaning (and distortion) of what “nature connection” means.

I have said that “nature connection is an inside job”.

After all, how can we be disconnected when we are animals and already deeply, intimately connected (biologically) to the ecosystem.

How then can we reconnect to the natural world when in reality, we already are.

I posit that what people are trying to do when they seek “nature connection” is actually “feel their connection” to the rest of the non-human world. Their ecosystem.

To feel again in a culture that doesn’t want us to.

That as a result of our progress, we are constantly distracted away from our feelings and our body.

A culture that desires us to be anaesthetised.

A subdued human is an easy subject to rule. Easy to dupe and control.

As a culture, we often blame others for this disconnection.

Whether that be a social media algorithm, a corporation, capitalism or just someone else.

The teaching of The Green Path is one of learning how to return again to our body and a process of coming to our senses.

It is a path of individual sovereignty, self-ownership and self-responsibility.

At the end of the day, it is actually about becoming your own authority.

Trusting yourself and your senses. Trusting your intelligence and trusting your body.

For years I have quietly taught the basics of how to deepen your relationship with plants.

It started by teaching wild food, but as the years have gone on, it has become teaching in wild wellbeing.

Where food has moved beyond simply eating a meal and instead is about being fed and nourished on many levels. Physical, mental and emotional.

A wild path to well-being and self-liberation.

A long time ago, I wrote: 'The uncivilised feel, the civilised do not'.

I have been criticised a lot for this statement. Generally by those who fear their feelings, their primal stirrings.

Sky god religions, shamanism, and other spiritual worldviews have a lot to answer for when it comes to this.

Counter-cultures exploring animism, psychedelics and other consciousness technologies can become deeply oppressive if you spend too long in them.

You are only allowed certain feelings if they conform with what the tribe deems is acceptable.

If those feelings do not conform, well, tough, you will be ostracised. The happy-clappy brigade will suddenly turn on you with their venom and self-loathing. Ridiculing and pointing fingers at you.

So much for tolerance, love, peace and freedom of expression.

So much for the 'we are all one' crowd. You are until you are not.