Hey there, I'm Robin Harford.

This newsletter and blog are a personal space.

It's where I write about random things that capture my imagination. And also about my journey as a how-to self-published indie author who sells direct to his audience.

I write and publish books and online courses on wild edible plants and wild medicine.

I've been selling direct since 1993 and moved my publishing business online, selling PDF ebooks in 2000.

I wrote under a pseudonym back then and in the personal security niche—basically wannabe James Bond tradecraft. Yeah, I know, don’t ask!

How-to is non-fiction. How-to is anything that teaches someone something.

Whether that's how to crochet bunnies, develop productive habits, channel angels (yeah, some people actually believe that crap), or teach people how to eat wild plants and everything in between.

My latest book is Edible and Medicinal Wild Plants of Britain and Ireland. It was an Amazon bestseller every day for the first three years of its birth. Just sayin’ 😉.

This is a space where I can freely speak about self-publishing.

As well as calling out the tidal wave of BS I see in so many self-publishing courses and Facebook author groups.

Try not to get offended. I mean, speaking one’s mind is kind of frowned upon these days.

What I have to share with you comes from over 25 years of self-publishing self-help and how-to books and online courses.

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Talk soon,

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I write essays, publish books, record audio and shoot films about random acts of enquiry.