Anti Sugar Mob

WARNING: The anti-sugar mob are in your neighbourhood. They come with their skygod puritanism.

These sad, self-loathing, self-hating navel-gazers demand conformity to their ultra-pure lifestyle.

One drop of sugar and the finger-wagging begins. They hate themselves. They hate their bodies and they want you in their church of self-denial.

For you are but a miserable sugar sinner!

This anti-sugar mob are the Nuage Nazi Food Police. All sweet and light while their actions show otherwise.

Food nazis love purity. Food nazis love perfection. Food nazis love neat, clean and squeaky.

Food nazis are so flipping boring in their self righteousness.

They wrap their ‘for your own good’ opinions as health and wellbeing facts. Rarely having the intelligence to figure out context.

Nope, one mention of sugar and they pile in with their violence.

At the same time thinking they are being so kind and loving. All fluffy wings and halos.

They are the finger-wagging, disapproving food fascists.

Resist Their Tyranny. All Hail Pan. All Hail Pleasure.

Nothing Is True. Everything Is Permitted.