On Shitty First Drafts

These tiny essays are rough drafts. They are about getting the words out first and tightening them up later.

This is known as a 'shitty first draft' in the author world — uncut, unedited (to a point) and raw.

My style of writing, when it first comes out, can feel a little edgy. That's what friends, strangers and enemies tell me.

I usually sanitise my writing by self-censoring, and that's not good.

So if what or how I write upsets you, lean into the feelings and ask yourself what's really underneath your reaction.

As the old saying goes: 'You're never upset for the reason you think you are.' So there's a lesson right there. Ponder that one.

I'm going to be playing with different writing styles.

And I ask for your honest feedback.

My shitty first drafts are not always sweet and light. But, it goes with the territory.

I will be sharing whatever manages to make its way out of my interior. Or maybe that needs to read, whatever makes it through my interior.

If what I write doesn't rock your boat, there's always the unfollow/unsubscribe/burn the bastard button you can click on to never hear from me again.