The online course platform that revolutionised how I do business

So finally my worst nightmare happened.

And it happened overnight while I was asleep.

It happened for one simple reason.

I didn’t delegate the technology that runs my business out to folk who really know what they are doing.

As a creator and maker (I’m an ethnobotanical writer and online course creator).

In plain English, that means I am a forager and teach folk how to eat wild edible plants.

And I share that knowledge via my blog, courses, and digital products.

So it happened. My wild food mentor online course blew up.

I was on a tiny remote Thai island and I had 30 minutes of internet time a day before the speed ground to a halt.

On this fateful day, I woke to emails from members telling me they couldn’t access my site.

And there was nothing.

I mean nothing I could do.

Support was out of the question.

Look I got into running an online business to liberate myself. To not become a slave to the machine.

I had always dreamed of travelling to remote places to meet the last remaining traditional cultures still deeply connected to the plant world and nature. While also being able to fund my botanical obsessed lifestyle remotely.

I even built a holistic search engine called Holistic World back in 1999.

But that was back then. This is today…

What I didn’t realise was that the stress of running an online business builds and builds unless you outsource certain things.

In a word… delegate.

And delegating was not something I was good at!

As a writer, creator and maker, I am by default a ‘creative control freak’.

So finally I got the message. Got that I can’t control everything in my business.

Sometimes you just have to let go. Trust other people.

So I had to email my patient but frustrated customers and tell them I couldn’t fix their problem for another two weeks when I would finally be back in civilisation.

That was a hard lesson to learn.

But learn it I did. Which is why now I hand everything non-essential over to other folks.

And I am more than happy to pay them.

So when it came to launching my new series of online courses. I wasn’t going to buy and build everything myself.

I don’t need to get under the hood and figure all the techie bits and bobs out.

I just need to pay someone who knows what the heck they are doing.

I mean this is a business we are running, and a business has expenses.

Yet those expenses don’t need to break the bank. Don’t need to cost an arm and a leg.

How I chanced upon this all-in-one digital service is a weird tale to tell.

Serendipity works even in the online world.

This is the solution I now use…