In 2005 I sold my first online video course (under a pseudonym).

These days if I’m in a good mood, I help some of my friends (most likely people like you) turn their passion into successful online courses, digital downloads and membership sites.

Back in January 2018, my worst nightmare happened.

And it happened overnight while I was asleep.

My online wild food course blew up!

1200 people had paid good money to enrol in the course.

(I do all my writing when I travel on an iPad mini)

I was on a tiny remote Thai island and I had 30 minutes of internet time a day before the speed ground to a halt.

On this fateful day, I woke to emails from clients telling me they couldn’t access the course.

And there was nothing. I mean nothing I could do.

Support was out of the question.

I’m a creator and maker (like you). And we are usually by default control-freaks over our creative endeavours.

Giving some of that control to someone else can be as hard as giving your child away!

So I had to email my patient but frustrated clients and tell them I couldn’t fix their problem for another two weeks.

When I would finally be back in civilisation.

Bloody hell, that was a hard lesson to learn.

But learn it I did.

Which is why now I hand everything that’s tech related over to other folks.

So when it came to launching my new series of online courses (and new membership site).

I just wanted to pay someone who knows what the heck they are doing.

When guys meet there are usually two types of conversations that often start in order to break the ice.

If it isn’t football, it’s car mechanics.

Then the other day I was speaking with a herbalist friend, and I realised that the equivalent of football or car mechanics for me are plants (that’s a story for another time), and technology.

Technology that liberates my life.

Technology that looks beautiful and sexy.

Technology that actually does the frigging job.

Simple tech a Luddite like myself can fall in love with.

I like my tech cool. Not because I am myself. But because I like aesthetics.

Like Steve Jobs’ love of Japanese minimalism.

I like tech that is so simple and minimal that it does the job in a stellar way.

Not mediocre.

Not just about.

Stellar… As in world class.

It’s got to be minimal and simple because I don’t have time for a steep learning curve.

How I chanced upon Podia is a weird tale to tell. Serendipity works even in the online world.

To be continued…